mardi 17 août 2010

How does it work?

It's very simple!!

Sharing experience usually comes with sharing photos, entire albums or even post your new album, you just have to join the WW group 


> If you don't have any google account, it'll take you one minute to create one ;) 




1 : To post a new album, clic on "Photos"

2 : Get started by publishing awesome travel photos from around the world : drag and drop all your photos or download its from your computer

3 : while your photos are downloading, choose a name for your album

 4 : then, publish
5 : a few words about your travel, and publish again


> Do not hesitate to add advices to your publication and travel Ideas about the Places you visit. This way, Wikiwalk visitors can benefit from your experience!


 > And after? I'll add your travel to the WW website in the wikiwalkers section. In addition to your photos and notes, you can give me the link of your personal travel blog if you have one, I will be glad to add it as a source for the article! 

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